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A woman wearing a protective face mask and gloves casts her ballot at a polling station during a seven-day Option Rzhev vote on constitutional reforms in Moscow, Russia June 30, We are voting for the country Option Rzhev which we want to live Putin made no mention of how the changes could affect his own career.

That is consistent with the official get-out-the-vote campaign which has stressed Option Rzhev amendments instead.

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State exit polls suggest the changes will be backed by over two thirds of voters, allowing the year-old former KGB officer - if he Option Rzhev - to run for another two six-year, back-to-back stints after his current term expires in He has already led Russia for more than two decades.

Slideshow 9 images Putin has said he has yet to take a final decision on his future, though critics are convinced he will run again.

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However, some analysts believe he has yet to decide, and wants to keep his options open so as not to become a lame duck. Putin has said he wants a clean vote, something election officials have pledged to deliver.

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Critics have shared photographs of makeshift polling stations set up in apartment stairwells, courtyards and in the boot of a parked car.

In one video shared on social media on Tuesday, two policemen were seen wrestling to the ground a journalist observing a polling station in St Petersburg.

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He screamed out in pain after his arm was pinned behind his back.