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Also read: Payglobal Provides Cryptocurrency to Fiat Transfers With Existing Bank Cards Maker and Dai The following is an overview of how dais are created within a network called the Maker DAO and why some cryptocurrency enthusiasts seem to like the concept better than its fiat alternatives.

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The Ethereum network has a popular decentralized autonomous organization DAO called Maker, which is now well known for creating a cryptocurrency-backed stablecoin called dai. Over the last 14 months of operation, the Maker DAO has become the most popular Ethereum-based system in Maker and the stablecoin dai community have a blog, a chat forumand its own subreddit where individuals discuss the nascent ecosystem.

For one, dai is not backed by fiat reserves held in a bank like a great majority of its stablecoin peers.

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OC requires more funds than a typical dollar for dollar trade in order to obtain dai. The ratio of ETH collateral needed in order to acquire dai is fixed at 1. There is currently 2.

Critics of Maker, Overcollateralization, and a Stablecoin Unmediated by the Legal System Maker and dai have become a popular subject among cryptocurrency supporters largely because some people like the concept of a liquid stablecoin for certain use cases as well as the idea dai is backed by crypto.

However, there are some critics of the Maker protocol and the dai stablecoin localbitcoins connexion nette à votre compte produces.

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Another critique of Maker DAO explains that the OC scheme and paying the contract back with the equivalent amount of dai is well known. On Nov.

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Additionally, there has been talk of other cryptocurrencies following suit with the dai idea. The BCH network has been recently experimenting with token creation but something like dai on BCH would require some different elements.

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By localbitcoins connexion nette à votre compte large, the Ethereum community seems to appreciate the Maker protocol and dai stablecoin and so far it has brought some more traction toward that ecosystem. What do you think about the Maker protocol and the dai stablecoin?

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