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    StructId : Hide details Abstract : In this paper we address the problem of the pose estimation based on multiple geometrical features for monocular endoscopic vision with laparoscopes and robot marchand doignon stereotaxy with CT scanners.

    Partial and full pose estimation 6 dofs are considered with applications to minimally invasive surgery. At the University of Strasbourg, we have been developing a set of techniques for assisting surgeons in navigating and manipulating robot marchand doignon three-dimensional space within the human body. This paper integrates several issues where computational vision can play a role.

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    Depth recovery from the tip of a surgical instrument w. Projective invariants with perspective projection, quadrics of revolution and stereotactic markers are features which are useful to achieve the registration with uncalibrated or calibrated devices. Visual servoing-based tracking robot marchand doignon have been developed for image-guided robotic systems, for assisting surgeons in laparoscopic surgery and in interventional radiology.

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    Real-time endoscopic vision and single-slice stereotactic registration has been proposed to retrieve the out-of-field of view instruments, to position a needle and to compensate small displacements like those due to patient breathing or any small disturbances which may occur during an opérateurs doptions binaires surgical procedure.

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